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  • Tattoo in the ear or chip under the skin that can be read by any veterinarian.

    That’s where i’d head, if a cat that would linger several days in an area, with signs of sickness, dehydration or malnourishment. But this one was super fluffy and clean, it didn’t cross my mind a single second it would be stray.

    But like i say, different countries, different rules. In Australia it would be caught immediately because of local laws.

  • I would play the piano more, read all the science fiction (Azimov, Herbert, HG Wells, Orwell, Bradbury, AC Clarke, UK Le Guin…), play Boardgames & Magic the Gathering with my friends, probably start making content for youtube or twitch, make pastry everyday, do gardening and building projects around the house…

    The question is, do I have any budget to do all that, or are my basic needs covered but I can’t choose where to live, what I eat etc?

    Honestly, I don’t find any satisfaction in work because I love doing so many things and would rather do one of them for money.

  • She’s a Siamese chocolate point. In Siamese cats, there is a mutation for the genes of an enzyme (Tyrosinase) that inhibits the production of melanin above a certain temperature. Where the body temperature is lower (extremities, airways), that enzyme is deactivated and melanin is produced, allowing the fur to darken.

    Siamese kitten are born completely white, as their temperature is kept high everywhere in the womb, and rapidly start to color after birth.