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  • Well then I’m not sure I see your point- I think people should have their pronouns/gender acknowledged in their ID. Suggesting a gender neutral for everyone in a language that clearly has been gendered since its inception doesn’t make any sense to me. Let each person have whatever option best reflects their case scenario

  • OP you’ve made the mistake of presuming the world at large knows what DNI stands for.

    I’m also in the “stop butchering my language” camp, however I see you don’t mean using Latine or Latinx as a replacement for Latino and Latina in general. You are asking whether non-binary people prefer Latinx or Latine in their personal ID documents. Which is one of the few cases I think using the term is justified.

    But since I’m not part of your demographic in question I don’t know if my answer is valid. I guess Latine is at least easier to pronounce than Latinx so there ya go.

  • Thanks, that was a good read. FB is so disgusting. Had I known a tool like this existed I may have stayed. I haven’t used for at least 5 years, but I kept the messenger lite app to stay in touch with people via chat. They killed the app and that was it for me. The feed is garbage. Meta is garbage.

    I’ve read the ars article linked too, and I think this attitude is so petty- most people aren’t power users or inclined to customise their social media/browser experience. The amount of people who would use the tool would be minimal in comparison with the majority who happily eats their feed without question. Meta is greed incarnate.

  • Whenever you are loading the washing machine, or hanging the laundry to dry/loading the dryer, don’t put the socks straight away. If you get one sock, set it aside, and wait to have the other sock before putting them wherever they need to go. This way you drastically reduce the amount of odd socks/ socks with no pair.

    If you find a single sock when you’re at the dryer, look for it in the washing or on the floor; you know it has to be there because you make the habit of always loading the pair. If you have a single sock at the washer, don’t wash it; wait until you find the other one, keep it in your basket.